Chemical imports and distributes for the EU feed market. We can supply feed-millers and farmers with the exclusive right in the EU to import from Indian producers and distribute some raw materials for animal feeding.
We guarantee top quality and strict laws observance with the best prices.
For a better service, Chemical utile are warehouses in Italy and India. Orders are always carried out fast and as required by customers (big bags, bulks, containers).
Guar protein is the most imported product.
Guar use gives great results in feed production for any kind of animal, with better growth and lower prices in formula.
Guar can replace more expensive vegetable proteins.



Guar is a leguminous plant (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba). It grows mainly in India and Pakistan and reaches the height of 2 meters. Its fruits are pods containing 5 to 9 seeds each. From Guar seed processing we get Guar Gum and Guar protein (Churi 40% and Korma 50%).
Despite Churi is widely used in Indian feeds, in Europe it isn’t so popular.
Our technical staff has studied, in cooperation with European and Indian universities, a raw material fitting for the European market: Guar 60 PF. It contains a high protein level (up to 55%) and a high digestible fats (up to 7%).

Guar meal is processed with water steam (no chemical solvents are used) in order to eliminate antinutritional factors. With this treatment it achieves top nutritional values less expensive than the other raw materials. Guar 60 PF is available in large quantities and it is supplied all year long with good prices and controlled quality.


Technical sheet is provided upon request.